Supply of valuable minerals:
Tungsten concentrate (WO3) and its main derivatives, BTO, YTO, VTO, WC, RTPs
Other valuable mineral derivatives such as cobalt, tantalum, niobium, vanadium, chromium, and titanium

Tungsten concentrated

Our main activity is the export of tungsten concentrated produced by Wolframite extracted from mines. Elitecon is the exclusive agent of an important mine located in western Mongolia.
The mine produces a very high-quality tungsten concentrate, high concentration (WO3)> 65%, and with a low level of impurities.
The concentration of the material is carried out directly in the mine. Upon request, analysis certificates issued by the independent and accredited laboratory of SGS Mongolia can be provided.

Tungsten derivatives

• Ammonium paratungstate (ATP)
• Ammonium metatungstate (AMT)
• Tungsten trioxide (YTO), Blue tungsten oxide (BTO)
• Tungsten powder (W), Tungsten carbide powder (WC)
• Carbide solid solution powder
• Ready to Press (Spray dried grade) Powder (RTP)

Other Mineral derivatives:

• Cobalt powder, Tantalum carbide powder
• Niobium carbide powder
• Solid solution powder of tantalum-niobium carbide
• Vanadium, Chromium & Titanium carbide

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